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Exclusive Oga Eyewear Hong Kong Distributor

The epitome of Scandinavian chic, Power Bloom is proud to bring the Asian marker this sophisticated designer. Oga is an avant-garde line which incorporates the latest high-tech materials into its designs. The Oga eyewear line embraces sleek, masculine design inspired by Scandinavian architecture. Power Bloom is proud to be an Oga eyewear distributor, providing Hong Kong and the wider Asian market with this unique European design aesthetic.


Oga is a quintessentially Scandinavian brand. Clean minimalism informs all of Oga’s designs which have a tasteful, timeless quality. There are certain elements that characterise every set of Oga frames, these include:

Masculine Line

Oga eyewear exudes a subtle masculine sensibility with slightly heavier shapes, stronger angles, and sharper colours.


This eyewear is intended for everyday use. Pared back, lightweight, flexible, and durable; the minimalism which lies at the heart of this brand means all of its designs can be seamlessly integrated to almost any look.

Architectural Design Sensibilities

Inspired by the clean, sensible lines that inform the architecture in Scandinavian cities, these designs are truly timeless. Many of the designs incorporate unusual material pairings and shapes that makes them truly unique.

Cutting Edge Technology

Technical prowess underlies all of the Oga eyewear range. Oga is responsible for bringing a number of technological innovations to the eyewear design industry.

As Power Bloom is a distributor of the world’s best eyewear labels, choosing to incorporate this singular brand into our portfolio was a natural choice. We pride ourselves on providing Hong Kong and the wider Asian market and are a distributor of some of the most exclusive eyewear brands in the world. We are a Hong Kong distributor of a number of other truly exceptional designers including Edoryu, Monoqool, Lightec, Steady, Lunor, and Markus T. For more information on our range of brands, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +852 2111 5990.

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