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Accredited Markus T Distributor in Hong Kong

A handmade German designer brand which combines high fashion with everyday functionality. Markus T eyewear was established in 1997, founded by a young designer Markus Temming at his kitchen table. From there, Temming travelled to Prague where he developed his brand and ethos over the course of a year before returning to Germany.

In keeping with the charming practicality which characterizes this brand, the first few lines of eyewear were produced at a converted farmhouse in Gütersloh-Isselhors which it now the company’s headquarters. Although the company is now internationally recognised as a leading industry innovator and has distributors around the world, it remains true to its roots, producing elegant everyday eyewear solutions which incorporate premium materials and the latest seamless technology.


Today, the brand remains faithful Markus’ original design concepts and philosophy. Principally, the brand’s designs are in keeping with three main elements, these are:


The mono patent design on Markus T’s innovative eyewear range means that designs from this brand are truly unique. The brand is also highly selective of its distributors and has cultivated an air of exclusivity.


Markus T eyewear is designed for the individual. Although sleek and timeless, it’s the small details like the seamless joining which distinguish this brand from the rest of the market. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, there is something in the Markus T range to suit every Hong Kong style.


Functionality and everyday wear ability are major considerations in this designer’s range. Everything in this range is made of either lightweight titanium or Polyamide “TMi”. Both of these materials highly durable, hypo allergenic, and make extremely thin, and flexible glasses.


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