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Exclusive Monoqool Eyewear Distributor in Hong Kong

These are glasses with an international pedigree. Since its conception, Monoqool has been a globally minded brand. The company was founded with the intention of combining Japanese technology and Danish design in one stylish product. Monoqool was established in 2008 north of Copenhagen by two Danes with a vision of bringing new technology, design and fashion into the modern eyewear industry. The Monoqool brand consists of a team of Japanese and Danish designers who combine cutting edge technology with classic, Scandinavian chic. Targeting a global audience, the brand was launched in September 2009 at the annual trade fair SILMO in Paris. Power Bloom is proud to be an exclusive Monoqool eyewear Hong Kong distributor.


The goal in creating Monoqool was to take the strengths of two very different design cultures and combine them in one product. In doing this, Monoqool’s designers have succeeded in creating something new and spectacular. So far, this international collaboration brand has contributed two entirely new inventions to the eyewear industry. These are a new signature hinge, and a line of fashionable eyeglasses that produce a three- dimensional effect. With the spiral hinge in Helix, the company has not only achieved a significant and visible signature design but also presented the industry with a major new invention. The spiral is a patented innovation, which challenges the whole concept of the eyeglass hinge. The Helix system is designed by the Danish design duo, Tools Design, who have won more than 200 international design awards and distinctions. 

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