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Power Bloom brings elegant Japanese design to the wider Asian market. Edoryu is a Japanese designer eyewear brand developed 10 years ago. The name of Edoryu was inspired by the ancient city of Edo. "Edo" was the cultural center of Japan between the 17th and 19th centuries. Edo was known as an enlightened city of craftsmanship, fashion, and information. This brand of eyewear embraces the philosophy of this historical city in its design, producing technologically advanced frames that have become a cult product in Hong Kong and worldwide.

The people of Edo were characterised as fashionable and obstinate. Their discerning tastes and demand for quality prompted the creation of the Edo glassmaking technique; hand grinding, charcoal grinding, and full hand polishing. This was a superior process to anything that came before that produced perfectly transparent and lightweight glasses, which are easy to maintain. Edoryu uses this technique to create unique frames that are truly timeless.

Design Aesthetic

In terms of design, the Edoryu range is clean and timeless. Often favouring a frameless shape, the glasses are made to enhance the appearance of the beautiful glass which forms the lens. Subtle detailing and luxurious finishing are what characterise this brand of eyewear.

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