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A brand that draws its inspiration and cutting edge innovation from the past. Lunor eyewear was founded by Gernot Lindner, who was a passionate collector of eyewear before he turned his hand to designing.  A dedicated admirer of antiques, Lindner’s passion for glasses began through visiting flea markets where he repeatedly encountered extraordinary pieces and decided to collect them. He soon amassed an extensive range of glasses dated between1650 and 1950. Besides spectacle frames Lindner also collected cases, pince nez, magnifiers, telescopes, microscopes.

Brand Phiosophy

His admiration of the technical skills of eyewear makers of the last centuries were the catalyst for founding Lunor, as he struggled to find a modern brand with comparable modern craftsmanship, so decided to make his own.  Lunor was founded on the belief that modern people around the world and in Hong Kong have the same appreciation for quality craftsmanship that they did historically, and seek products with design integrity.

Founded in 1991, Lunor is a brand known for its traditional production methods, with all the frames made by hand. The production process is such an integral part of the Lunor brand that is informed the label’s motto; ‘vintage, the original’. In terms of aesthetics, the range strikes a balance between vintage and modern with shapes based on glasses in Gernot’s collection which are then given a contemporary sensibility through colour, detailing, and materials.  This elegant design equilibrium makes Lunor a perfect fit for the discerning aesthetic sensibilities of our Hong Kong clientele.


A Lunor frame is always made by hand, some models have even more than 200 working steps. All models are designed and produced with a meticulousness and level of care that is seldom seen in the modern fashion industry. Since its founding, Lunor has also been responsible for a number of eyewear innovations. For example, a pair of frames from 1840 inspired Gernot Lindner to develop the brand’s signature telescopic temple.


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