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Elegant functionality is taken to the next level with this innovative Japanese brand. Steady is a company committed to doing the simple things well. The result of this ethos is a range of strikingly simple eyewear made to an extraordinary standard. Dedicated to ‘real design’ and striking a harmonious balance between unique style and functionality, the pared back simplicity which informs this brand has seen Steady eyewear become a cult product in Hong Kong.  Every single pair of glasses from this singular brand are carefully manufactured in Japan using the finest construction materials available.


Steady eyewear is characterised by an intelligent minimalism that is masterfully executed. The highly complicated and exclusive manufacturing processes that involved in making these glasses results in a classic line of lightweight, highly durable eyewear. One key aspect of Steady’s design is the unisex nature of all of their designs. The unisex element is part of the brand’s ethos and dedication to achieving balance and harmony in all of their designs. As a result, the brand has a charming element of androgyny which seems only to reinforce the timeless aspect which forms an integral part of Steady designs.  

Power Bloom is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Steady eyewear in Hong Kong. The Steady brand’s commitment to unique design and manufacturing excellence makes it a perfect complement to the other designers in our portfolio. Power Bloom is committed to bringing the premier eyewear brands to the Hong Kong and Asian markets. Our curated distributor portfolio includes some of the most unique, innovative and exclusive brands in the industry including Edoryu, Monoqool, Oga, Lightec, Lunor, and Markus T. For more information on the range of brands that we distribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +852 2111 5990.

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