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The brand universe of Lightec is characterised by intelligent, cutting edge design and innovative technological processes. Lightec is a symbol of innovation, and is associated in the industry with a savoir-faire design sensibility. Since coming under the captaincy of Jean Baptiste Bouvier in 2005 Lightec has emerged as one of the leading lights in the eyewear industry with its consistent offerings of sleek, modern glasses that represent the latest technological innovations.

Thanks to its innovative Alpha hinge design, Lightec boasts spring and screw free products. The surgical grade stainless steel used in construction gives flexibility, solidity and robustness to the collection. Finally, the injected plastic models provide a slender ultra-light front available in a wide range of colours. Power Bloom is proud to be one of only a few distributors of this brand in Hong Kong.


Cutting edge technology and minimalist design are the essential values that every product in the Lightec range embraces. In addition to this, considerations of functionality and individual expression are also important factors which inform the design of Lightec products.  Some of the characterising features of Lightec products include:

  • Cutting edge technology: Incorporating the latest material and technological innovations, Lightec truly is at the Avant Garde of eyewear design.
  • Functionality and durability

Designed for everyday use, with hard wearing materials, these are glasses that will last the distance.

  • Sophisticated design

The intelligent minimalism which informs the designs of this brand have a timeless quality, which perfectly pairs with the refined style sensibilities of Hong Kong and Asian markets.

  • Comfort and flexibility

Adjustable and made with the needs of the wearer in mind, this brand is the epitome or ergonomic design.

Technologically Advanced Design

Power Bloom is proud to be one of only a few distributors of the Lightec brand in Hong Kong and the wider Asian market. We are wholly committed to providing those in Asia with the latest innovations in international eyewear design. We pride ourselves on our curated portfolio of unique designers who represent the cutting edge of both technology and design. Our distributor portfolio includes a range of prominent international brands including Edoryu, Monoqool, Oga, Steady, Lunor, and Markus T. For more information on our range of brands, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +852 2111 5990.

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